Josh from Calibrate UK on why he feels the Global Climate Strike is important

Greenland Ice Sheet is melting

Greenland Ice Sheet is melting

We all hear these stories about the Greenland Ice Sheet and how it can lose billions of tons of ice in a single day, and the Wildfires that are currently raging through the Amazon. We spend a moment taking it in and think, ‘I am just one person, what difference could I make?’.

Every day, the climate crisis creeps a little closer to home. Though we may not see it on our doorstep, we are now very aware of our global situation, in the result of how we humans have treated our planet.

We hear about The Fossil fuel industry and their decades worth of deception and lies about the damage they are causing. We hear scientist talk about how up to 200 species of plant, insect, bird, and mammal go extinct every 24 hours. We hear that raising livestock causes 65% of all nitrous-oxide emissions, which is 296 times more harmful to our environment that carbon dioxide, and that meat consumption is one of the leading causes of the temperature rise and thus the extinction of species. It’s predicted that these figures will rise 80% by 2050.

On the 20th of September YOU can join a climate protest to make a point to the Governments and the large companies that exploit our finite resources. You can say that enough is enough. We demand that more is done to protect our planet.

I really hope that our generation can powerfully take over this Global Climate Crisis and turn things back. With the inspiration, leadership and devotion of activists like Greta Thunberg and Earthling Ed, I really believe we will find a way to make a difference for our children, grandchildren and so on. It’s when everybody makes small changes that brilliant things happen. Don’t be afraid of change; eat more plant based meals, don’t support the fast fashion industry and, most of all, speak up, encourage and demand action.

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