Calibrate UK will be joining the 20th September 2019 Climate Strike


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You will all be aware of the increasing coverage in the news regarding the Climate Crisis. We believe it is time for individuals and businesses to take action. This is why, as a company, we propose taking part in the Global Climate Strike on Friday September 20th 2019. We believe government is not taking sufficient action to halt Climate Change activities and avert a major crisis to humanity. We call on our government and world leaders to turn words into actions and work towards net zero Carbon emissions by 2025 to prevent catastrophe.

The Climate Crisis is happening now. The Earth’s systems are breaking down at astonishing speed. Wildfires roar across Siberia and Alaska, releasing plumes of carbon dioxide and methane that cause more global heating. In July alone, Arctic wildfires are reckoned to have released as much carbon into the atmosphere as Austria does in a year.

Torrents of meltwater pour from the Greenland Ice Cap, sweltering under a 15C temperature anomaly. Daily ice losses on this scale are 50 years ahead of schedule: they were forecast in the climate models for 2070. Thawing of permafrost in the Canadian High Arctic now exceeds the depths of melting projected by scientists for 2090.

Closer to home, the town of Whaley Bridge in the Peak District was evacuated at the start of August due to fears the Toddbrook Reservoir damn would collapse, flooding the town and it’s residents. Climate change is leading to longer hotter and drier spells in the UK followed by torrential rainfall and this pattern is set to continue and intensify.

We will halt all business activity for the day of Friday September 20th 2019. Of course we know that closing our business for one day won’t solve the issue on its own but we will be part of a much bigger global movement. As a planet we need to act now to help limit the Climate Crisis which has already arrived.

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